Kristin E. Kroeger

Syntax Architect | Imagination Junkie

Kristin Elizabeth Kroeger

Creative Professional | Team Leader | Storyteller

Mature professional with extensive experience composing and editing engaging B2B and B2C marketing copy, educational and training content, film reviews, and creative fiction.

Dynamic leader with a natural ability to coach and mentor colleagues, employees, and students to achieve maximum potential.

Collaborative communicator continually focused on building top-performing teams and developing comprehensive communication approaches that drive positive change and enhanced profitability.

Web Presence

writing for fun

The Joss Whedon Fan Club; a labor of love founded in 2005

A celebration of cinema excellence; maintained with a friend

A blog written by my cat, Nora, who is the queen of everything


recent examples of my work

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Ghost-written blog post

Blog post ghost-written for Lock Paper Scissors

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Ghost-written blog post

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Blog written on behalf of Nowescape.

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