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4 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring should be a symbol not just of your upcoming marriage but of your one-of-a-kind relationship. Once you’ve browsed the designer engagement ring collections and narrowed down the key features you’d like your ring to have, it’s time to craft a custom engagement ring that can only be yours. Here’s some inspiration for designing a ring that’s a perfect fit.

Shopping for an engagement ring can take time. After all, this is a ring that not only signifies your commitment to a joyous lifetime together, it’s also a piece of jewelry you’ll be wearing every day. You must combine the desire to find a perfect symbol of the most important relationship in your life with the practical process of figuring out the exact combination of features –metal, setting, gemstones, style and everything in between – that you find most appealing.

To find the balance you’re seeking, first narrow down the ring design – browse the many combinations available and determine which metals, settings and styles appeal to you. One way to do this is to shop designer engagement rings, which often feature distinctive elements you can immediately discard as “not your style” or add to your list of “must haves.”

Once you’ve settled on a basic list of material elements you’d like, create a custom engagement ring by adding finishing touches that have special meaning to you as a couple.

Here are four fun ways to take the engagement ring foundation you’ve settled on and fashion a custom engagement ring that’s truly yours.

1. Add your birthstone.

Diamonds are beautiful, but everyone has a diamond engagement ring. You want a ring that represents your one-of-a-kind relationship. Why not create a custom engagement ring that features your birthstone?

As with any custom engagement ring, you have countless options for highlighting your birthstone. A diamond channel or pave setting can add sparkle to your band, or you can surround a central diamond with a birthstone halo.

Another idea that emphasizes your union as a couple is to include your birthstone in the engagement ring and his in the wedding band (add your birthstone to his wedding band for symmetry). Or stick to a diamond engagement ring, but set both of your birthstones in the wedding rings.

2. Engrave something special in the band.

Many couples add personalization to their rings by engraving words or symbols on the inside or the outside of the bands. Engraving something that has special meaning to the two of you in your engagement ring serves as a reminder of why you’re together, on good days and bad.

Some ideas for engraving include your names and wedding date, key words from your vows, a song lyric from “your song” or the song you select for your first dance, a quote from a book you both love, the coordinates of the location where you shared your first kiss, or a significant Bible verse.

Another idea is to have a phrase or symbol you know will have meaning to your partner engraved in his wedding band, to be revealed only on your wedding day.

3. Engrave something special on the gemstone.

If you want something even more intimate, consider having a microscopic message laser-inscribed on your diamond or gemstone. The inscription will not be visible without a loupe or magnifying glass, but you and your spouse will always know it’s there – a special, romantic secret the two of you share. Plus, if your ring should ever be lost or stolen, you’ll be able to easily identify it!

4. Incorporate a family heirloom.

Maybe one of you has a piece of jewelry that’s been in your family for decades that contains stones or elements that could be integrated into your engagement ring. While it is no longer as customary as it once was to pass down engagement rings from generation to generation, there may still be a way to honor your legacy.

Consider recutting the stone from your great grandfather’s class ring and adding it to a three-stone setting or use a pearl from your grandmother’s wedding necklace as the centerpiece of your custom engagement ring. Your ring will then serve as both a symbol of your future and your past.


Whether you select a designer engagement ring or bring elements you like together into a new creation, you want your ring to be a true statement of your individual spirit, both as a woman and as a new bride. Once you have the basic ring design settled, fashion it into a personalized, custom engagement ring by adding elements that are solely representative of your bond with your fiancé.


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