Set of core values developed for client-facing brand guide

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We deliver what we promise.

We are driven by a fundamental belief that our mission is not only worthwhile, it is a gateway to a new, better world. We set lofty goals and then defy expectations by exceeding them. We refuse to settle for adequate, shooting, instead, for extraordinary. We trust our employees to be experts in their individual domains, and we provide them the autonomy and flexibility to exceed our, and our clients’, expectations.

We practice what we preach.

We are committed to enabling people worldwide to engage in their livelihoods without compromising their lives, and this commitment begins in our own office. We develop teams using both internal and external resources, encourage candid communication, openly share ideas and knowledge, and promote overall physical, mental and emotional health in our work model. We are genuine and honest and encourage those with whom we interact to be the same.

We work together to achieve our goals.

[COMPANY] encourages collaboration internally between individuals and departments, and our workforce solutions are designed to harness the power of collaboration within the cloud to improve productivity across the globe. We prove daily that great things can be accomplished when teams of like-minded individuals work together toward a common goal. As individuals we are formidable; as a team we are unstoppable.

We think outside of all the boxes.

Our mission requires stretching our paradigms and reaching for creative solutions outside of the status quo. Leaders at [COMPANY] value contributors who are fearless trail blazers, flexible problem solvers and bold innovators. We rely upon our team’s collective drive for excellence to develop intelligent, cutting-edge solutions that improve lives and keep us perched on the edge of the future.

We are fiercely committed to our mission.

People work for [COMPANY] because they’re passionate about improving the work-life balance of the clients and freelancers we serve, and they are inspired by the opportunity to change the world. For those who work here, [COMPANY] is more than “just a job.” We sincerely believe in our mission and our corporate values, and we strive to make a genuine difference every day.

We treat challenges as opportunities.

We consistently adapt to the changing needs of the marketplace and treat the constantly evolving digital landscape as a playground filled with potential. [COMPANY] leaders and team members face adversity head-on and view obstacles not as setbacks, but as opportunities to explore possibilities. We provide teammates motivation and support through our words and actions and eliminate the words “can’t” and “won’t” from our vocabularies.

We put into the world what we want to get back.

We encourage team members to freely share ideas, questions, solutions and dreams without fear of ridicule or apathy. The freelancers, clients and partners with whom we interact every day are valued and respected not just for their roles in [COMPANY]’s success, but for their contributions to our lives as individuals. We treat others as we would like to be treated, and we are proud to represent [COMPANY] as professionals and as members of a global community.


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